Scottish Staycation | Isle of Mull Editionย 

Last week we spent a couple of days on the beautiful Scottish island of Mull. We loved it, so let us help you decide if the Isle of Mull is the place for you. It probably will be.

If you’re into beautiful rainbow harbour towns, Mull is the place for you.

Tobermory is a pretty little town with a main street full of colourful buildings facing out to the harbour. We took a stroll up Main Street and ventured into the many shops selling local arts and crafts. Don’t worry, we found a magnet. It is also where hit kids TV show Balamory is set, so worth a visit for that reason alone.

If you’re into torrential rain and moody clouds, Mull is the place for you.

As you may know nice weather in Scotland is not guaranteed. One of the days we were in Mull was pretty terrible in terms of weather but we still managed to venture round some of the island, take in the views and get out for a walk to get soaked to the skin. Should have packed a raincoat, or at least a jacket with a hood! This wee island is just as beautiful in the cloud and rain as it is in the summer sun, which appeared again the next day!

If you like white sand beaches with clear blue water, Mull is the place for you.

Despite the gloomy weather we were keen to check out one of the island’s beautiful beaches. So we headed to Calgary Bay as TripAdvisor recommended it as the #2 thing to do in Mull. Sunbathing wasn’t on the cards so we zipped up our jackets and braced the elements to walk along Calgary Bay. Imagine this beach on a sunny day, it could be mistaken for a beach abroad

If you’re into Whisky, Mull is the place for you.

I’m not into whisky but really enjoyed learning all about the making of it, it’s really quite interesting. However, I did not enjoy the dram at the end of the tour. I thought it tasted like petrol, but that is no reflection on the quality of the whisky, probably. If you’re interested I heard someone else say that it had a hint of bacon to it. I doubt it did if I’m honest but why not find out for yourself!

If you’re into single track roads, Mull is the place for you.


The roads in Mull are mainly single track and at some parts very bendy. It took us about 30 minutes to go 3 miles, for reference. The above photo is not a single track road, but a path. Most of the roads were only slightly better than this. Joking of course.

If you’re into exploring Scotland, Mull is the place for you.

Plenty things to do on the Isle of Mull, we didn’t even scratch the surface. Nature and wildlife tours, hills to climb, boat tours, trips to other islands, historic sites to name but a few!

If you’re into relaxing with a glass of wine overlooking nice views, Mull is the place for you!


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