Happy Birthday Brother! πŸŽ‰

You would have been 26 today, Liam. 

You were dealt a pretty brutal hand. You were taken far too soon but I think you’ll agree with me when I say what time you did have you spent well. I always remember you would spend money on your hobbies, your guitars, your fishing and your cooking. I remember you spent a lot of money on a good set of kitchen knives, which I didn’t understand at the time and probably never will. I think one of them has found it’s way to Fife. It does cut well in fairness. I remember you often saying that you might die tomorrow so you may as well enjoy it when you can, as if you knew it wasn’t worth starting up a pension fund.

When your sibling is diagnosed with a life changing illness, what are you supposed to do? Do you actually have to be nice to them now? We had a good balance between being nice and fighting like cat and dog. There were incidents involing assault by crutches and probably a lot of shouting, but the times I like to remember were the times we were getting along. I remember you would always buy me a sweetie if you were getting one. Often a 50p mix, 30p if times were hard, and when there wasn’t any salt and vinegar crisps in we would just put vinegar on a pack of ready salted, which by the way does not make salt and vinegar it makes soggy ready salted. And when I was studying for my exams I would come through to the living room at lunch time and we would watch Border Force together.

Now that I’m older I often wonder what you would be like, where you would be in life and who with. You put up such a heroic fight and after each set back you always came back stronger. I always thought you would make the ultimate comeback and we’d be celebrating your 26th birthday today! 


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