Everyone’s Got Unfinished Business With Barcelona

Well that’s what Frank Lampard said. I’m pretty sure he was talking about football but I think this statement is applicable to the city more generally. Myself and Calum spent a day in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago (8 months ago now, ooops) and only covered the tiniest fraction of it. We certainly have unfinished business with Barcelona!

Our day out began with a pleasant train journey up the coast of Catalonia from Salou. When we arrived we navigated ourselves to the metro and got off at the Sagrada Famรญlia. We came up from underground and I couldn’t see the cathedral – I asked Calum “where is that bloody cathedral, it should be right here.” Calum turned me around and pointed to the Sagrada Famรญlia, “there it is”. I calmed down then and appreciated the view. This was one of the first things we saw in Barcelona and what a landmark to first set your eyes on. I’ve been to the Sagarda Famรญlia and it was good to be back. I have only positive things to say about the Sagrada Familia. George Orwell said it was “one of the most hideous buildings in the world.” Might I suggest that George Orwell sit down. I could look at the building all day just taking it in, the exterior is marvellous and the interior just as good.

On the theme of Gaudi, we then ventured on to Park Gรผell which is located on top of quite a massive hill. A nice gentleman gave us directions to the park on his own accord even though we were headed that way anyways. Getting to the park was a workout in itself, never mind all the walking we did inside the walls. We didn’t go into the paid bit of the park as the next time slot wasn’t until 8pm that evening so we had a walk around. We stumbled up the park, it was roasting hot and we were shattered. We saw dog walkers, joggers and people selling everything under the sun including ice cold water for 1 EURO. Being in this public park reminded me that people get to live in Barcelona and that is wonderful. Exhausted by our walk we headed to the bus, stopping at a shop to get some Fanta Limon, and were glad of a seat.

Our next stop was Camp Nou. The good thing about the Camp Nou Experience is that there isn’t any time slots so you can stop by when you manage. I’m not a massive football fan but even I can’t argue with the awesome-ness of the Nou Camp. We never got to see a game but as I say we’ve got unfinished business so hopefully we can fit it in next time. My favourite part of the tour was seeing the grass for the first time. Never have I seen such well kept grass. I loved it so much Calum let me take some of it home so now we have a small cube with preserved grass from the Nou Camp. This unnecessary expense meant we couldn’t justify forking out 80 EURO for a photo album! A direct quote from Calum on this experience – “I loved it.”

The last thing on our itinerary for the day was Casa Batllรณ – another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. Before heading there we stopped at Las Ramblas to have a potter about and find some food. Calum wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe because he likes the merchandise. I said we couldn’t go there because they have one in Edinburgh and we found a nice little place where we had a nice little Paella and some Fanta Limon (which yes we have developed a taste for).

Casa Batllรณ immediately inspires. From the outside you can only imagine what it is going to be like on the inside. The tour itself was very interactive and came with an audio guide that displayed videos and photos of how the rooms would have been if you hold your device up against certain parts of the room. The detail that Gaudi put into his works is insane, he thought of everything. If the building facade intrigues you, like it did me, then I would highly recommend going inside.

Barcelona is an amazing city, probably sitting in my top five. Our day out wasn’t enough to see it all but we fitted a lot into the day but not too much that we were rushing about and not able to enjoy what we were seeing. We left Barcelona eager to go back and spent the next day recovering. Fingers crossed we’ll be back to Barcelona in a couple of years to check out the rest! 


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