Never Go Hungry In Bruges

A couple of weeks ago we went to Bruges for a weekend away. We spent the weekend exploring the fairytale-esque centre of Bruges, eating amazing food and drinking good beer. It was an amazing couple of nights and I already can’t wait to go back to Bruges to do some more exploring! Here are some of my food highlights.

Fries and mayo from Chez Vincent


A delicacy in Bruges and quite rightly so! There are ample fryshops to fill your boots with fries and mayo so don’t worry about going without. Chez Vincent was the first hit when we Google mapped ‘fries and mayo’ on day 1 and the queue was out the door when we left so others obviously agree its a good fry-stop! Don’t forget to visit the Friet Museum for all your history needs.

Seafood at De Gourden Kroes


Great place for some fresh seafood and friendly chat from other tourists (not guaranteed)! My love for this place was cemented when my better half let me try one of his scallops. We also received complimentary snails, olives and ‘little shrimp things’ (no idea) and developed quite a liking for snails. De Gourden Kroes was at the higher end of the budget, definitely not a ‘cheap eat’ but definitely worth what we paid for some delicious seafood!

Waffles from Chez Albert


The smell of freshly waffled waffles fills the air of the streets of Bruges. Have a waffle for breakfast, lunch or dinner, no time is off limit. The waffles from Chez Albert were as fresh as you like and fell apart easily on the little plastic fork. I only wish I had more waffles in Bruges.

Dinner at The Pigeon House


Thank you TripAdviser for recommending this place! We didn’t book a table but got a space by the bar which was fine by us. The menu was in Flemish and the waiter liked to give a little time before helping us translate, the mystery was nice! We shared some duck to start, and then had rabbit stew and roast pigeon as the main event. We wanted to get something we wouldn’t normally have and it’s not often those two things are on the menu. Would highly recommend!

Pasta Box from Bocca


Found Bocca through Trip Adviser under ‘cheap eats’ and imedietly knew it was up our street. We’re a fan of the noodle bar concept and a fan of pasta so a pasta bar is the ultimate! I opted for fusilli with a salmon curry sauce, it was spot on! Good quality, good prices and a good portion. We only wanted more because it was so good, not because we needed it!

Now, go to Bruges and have a feed!

giphy (1).gif


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