Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist.

Day 1: Discuss your current relationship.

In my relationship I am much like every other person who has ever been in love. I’m referring to the fact that I think that I am the only person in the world who has ever been in love. Much like the way you are when you get your first job and think you’re the first person in the world to stack a shelf or scan someones shopping through a till.

As part of a new years resolution of sorts we have been keeping a diary of all the stuff we’ve been getting up to. A short entry for each day that we can enjoy looking back on at the end of the year. A few of the entries go something like this.

“We went to work, we came home from work, we had X for dinner, we watched Y and then we went to bed while watching Z.”

These entries, largely uneventful to outsiders, much like an inside joke, but so meaningful to us. Because our relationship is about enjoying each others company, making the mundane memorable and the unexciting exciting!

As you may have deciphered from my typical diary entry, watching TV makes up a big part of the relationship. We enjoy most of the same TV shows so we never have any issues deciding what to watch and we never have to sit in separate rooms to get our Netflix fix. Right now he’s watching the football. And he shows a great interest when I binge on Sex and the City. It is a pretty ideal set up, there is no pretending to like something to appease the other.

Moving on from TV, the other thing we like doing is watching movies. We have a fair system of picking films. He shares films with me that I’ve never even heard of and they end up being firm favourites and I share films with him, mainly Disney, to remind us that we’re pretty much living in a fairy tale. Except we don’t live in a castle, there are no villains and unfortunately we do not have a musical accompaniment for bursting into song whenever we damn well please.

I often feel that I am living in a fairy tale. My relationship could certainly give Cinderella and Prince Charming a run for their money, hell even Mulan and Li Shang. Just like stories in books, you don’t get your happily ever on page 1! Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist. There isn’t a limit on the number of pages in your fairy tale.

I believe in fairy tales, I believe in soul mates. I believe in love and happily ever afters.

Day 99. Oban, Scotland

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