Copenhagen On The Cheap

I love city breaks. And it’s pretty easy to get to a lot of great cities from Edinburgh. My most recent weekend away was to Copenhagen. I like to think we did Copenhagen on a shoe-string. So this is just a bit of chat about what we got up to.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

First thing’s first, we got the flights booked. My travel search engine of choice is Skyscanner and it has a really good feature on the app which lists lots of great deals on flights. Other travel search engines are available but Skyscanner is the best for flights, in my opinion. Flights to Copenhagen were going for Β£35 return which was such a good deal. We couldn’t afford not to go.

Flights out the way, lets look for somewhere to bunk. Hotels in Copenhagen were very expensive for the weekend we wanted to go so I started looking into hostels. Not as glamorous as a hotel but does the job and suits the shoe-string budget we were on. The hostel we stayed in was okay. It was Calum’s first hostel experience and I’m not sure I won him over…

Inspiring words from Bedwood Hostel

Flights and accommodation checked off the list. All we really needed to spend your money on was food, activities and a magnet! Before we headed over I was researching “free things to do in Copenhagen” which provided some source of inspiration. We didn’t have anything planned for when we landed in the capital of Denmark so it was nice to just relax and explore at leisure instead of trying to cram too much in. Here’s a couple things we got up to:

img_1064The Roundhouse Tower: I don’t think this was in any of my pre-Copenhagen research or I certainly can’t remember it anyways. We just stumbled upon this through our wondering and decided to take a look in. The inside of the tower was a spiral ramp instead of stairs so it was a more gradual climb. There was an art gallery about half way up which we weren’t bothered about but if you’re into art, then worth a look. The top of the tower had some pretty good panoramic views of Copenhagen.


The Carlsberg Museum: Not free, but not expensive. A good way to spend an afternoon, the biggest collection of unopened bottles. The ticket included 2 drinks so good value for money. When claiming our Carlsberg dram we were served by a fellow Scot who told us where to watch the Scotland v Lithuania later that night.


The Little Mermaid statue: Free! There were lots of people viewing this statue. A major tourist attraction in Copenhagen. I mean it was okay, I don’t know that it warranted such a crowd but then we went to see it… There were loads of other statues/sculptures around the area which were more impressive.


Free town of Christiana: Free! Not really a tourist attraction as such but a pretty interesting patch of land in Copenhagen. Worth a look but don’t take any snaps or run about the place.






Copenhagen Street Food: BEST FOOD EVER. We found this by chance on our last couple of hours in Copenhagen. Stalls and stalls of vibrant and delicious looking food and drinks. We walked round twice just looking at everything, deciding what we were going to have.

A couple of tips:

  • Try to understand the currency. We thought we had a bit of a grasp on it but did find it tricky to convert back to Β£ to check how much we were spending.
  • If you are looking for the Metro in the airport, don’t opt for the first set of train tracks you see. Go further on.
  • Go to a place called Friends & Brgrs for thee most amazing burger you will ever eat.

And there you have it, nearly 3 months after we went to Copenhagen you can read all about it.


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