Q & A with Zoe: Recent Summer Holiday

A couple of weeks back I went on my first “beach holiday” and was keen to keep a diary of what I got up to. Day one was pages and pages of irrelevant detail and then I never bothered with the rest of the days. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I still remember what happened on the holiday so I’m not too worried about the hard copy memories. Since I don’t have a diary to share in this blog post I have taken part in a short Q & A session with my self.

So, Zoe, where did you go on holiday, who did you go with and why?

Me and my boyfriend went to Salou, Catalonia, Spain, for a week cause we thought we deserved a holiday. Salou ticked all the boxes for our first holiday together. It had sun, it had sand, it had alcohol, it had food and it had good transport links.


And what did the pair of you get up to?Β 

Well, this was a pottering holiday and we mainly pottered about. We exploredΒ the restaurants, bars and souvenir shops of Salou, read books on the balcony and had dips in the pool (but late in the afternoon so we could get a lounger). We had two really hard going days which justified all the pottering and lounging about, not that we needed to justify that, being on holiday and all.

We had a day out in Barcelona (watch this img_0590space for blog post about that in a couple of weeks when and if I can be bothered) and we had a day at PortAventura. We walked 30km over those two days, smashing all prior records. I won’t go into detail but PortAventura was a good day out but the queues were so looooooong. We were going to go to the water park but were mentally scarred by all the queuing so didn’t bother. We also had a wee day out in Tarragona which is a really nice place. If your next question is “what would you recommend doing in Tarragona?” I have nothing as we mainly just pottered about and then drunk some Sangria in the sunshine. It was a lovely place and I was getting good vibes, or was that just the Sangria?


Do you have any holiday highlights?Β 

Going to the airport and getting on a plane was a treat in itself. I love the thrill of getting up early to travel. Although on the morning we left when the alarm went of at 3am, I asked Calum if we could sack the holiday off and just stay in bed. Another highlight for me was getting off the plane and the Spanish heat hitting you. It confirmed my suspicion that I was indeed on holiday.



Would you go again?

To Salou? Probably not. It’s a good enough holiday destination but once you’ve been, you’ve been.

Thanks for taking part in this Q & A, Zoe.Β 

Don’t worry about it, Zoe. Anytime.






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