Using cutlery from the outside in: The Dome

To celebrate my first pay day Calum and I decided to go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate, it was a date night if you will. We originally wanted to go to  Chaophraya but when we went to reserve a table they had two options. 5pm or 10pm. We couldn’t go at 5pm as we were working and we certainly couldn’t go at 10pm cause we would miss the last train home! We didn’t have time for Thai so found ourselves exploring other options and decided on The Dome on George Street which had more suitable times for eating.


On arrival at The Dome we were greeted by an Ask Jeeves butler lookalike named Steven. Now Steven was a delightful man, never have I met someone so polite. He led us into the main event, THE DOME, or The Grill Room as they are calling it. At this point our friend Steven left us with someone else (didn’t take not of their name) and they took us to our table. And a fine table it was – complete with white table cloth, candle and flower pot.

We briefly browsed the menu which had a good variety of options on it which I imagine would suit everyone in the party. They have Today’s Soup (which changes everyday) and The Dome Burger for less sophisticated palates. Our browsing was interrupted by a gentlman wishing to take our drink order which was not a problem until he asked if we would like water for the table. Why yes we thought that would be lovely. Sparking or still the man asked. I confidently voted for still while my other half wanted to try the sparking. I turned to him in disbelief! You think you know a person and then they try and order sparkling water… Moments later, the drinks arrive and it becomes clear we are out of our debths as we are presented with a one liter glass bottle of the finest water out there, none other than Highland Spring.

To start I had a black pudding and goats cheese combo (pictured below) which was a good blend of flavours, in my opinion. The dish was rich but just the right amount of richness given the portion sizes. Calum had the haggis in filo pastry, a classic at the Dome. The haggis was a good catch and the whisky sauce was… really very great.


We were offered some bread (white, brown, olive or onion) to have while we were waiting for our main course. The bread wasn’t long buttered when the main event arrived. A monkfish dish for myself and a succulent plate of venison for Calum (#ohdear). We slyly took some photos of our food to keep our Instagram fans in the loop but were caught out by the waitress who claimed that it “had to be done.” The monkfish was everything you would expect monkfish to be and was paired with a sauce and veg combo that was very agreeable. The venison was so tender it melted in the mouth and it tasted really good. And the accompaniments were good too.

After a quick scoot around the desert menu we were presented with the bill (we are not dessert lovers and would have preferred another starter). The bill was as we expected minus the £5 bottle of water and 50p “optional” donation to charity, which was not very optional. Although more pricey than our usual fare it was justified. The food was excellent, the staff attentive and the ambience offered a touch of class.

We then went on a cocktail bar craw, starting at Tonic and ending in Wetherspoons, with one other bar in between.



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