This Is Home

So, on the 1st of May I was supposed to be flying to the other side of the world by myself to have an adventure. Instead I spent the day drinking with my best friend and falling asleep by 7pm. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because he is the adventure.

And now a couple of weeks after my departure date I have moved back to Edinburgh, without a job and any sort of income. I was anxious about it for quite some time but when I thought about it, a few weeks earlier I was going to be moving across the world without a job, without any sort of income and without knowing anyone. It put things into perspective. I moved down and hoped for the best, and at this stage I am still optimistic that things will work it as there supposed to.

I am so happy being back in Edinburgh though, it is probably my favourite city in the world. For the purposes of padding out this blog post I have compiled a short list of some of the things I love about Edinburgh.

  1. The fact it doesn’t really feel like a city
  2. Lothian Buses
  3. The blend of old and new
  4. Portobello Beach
  5. Complaining about tourists (during August and throughout the year)

Edinburgh is so great I can’t quite put it into words but I know someone (not personally) who can:

“This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.” – Alexander McCall SmithΒ 

So if you don’t believe me, believe my good friend Alex.


Edinburgh on a sunny day, looking over to Fife. Photo Cred: the Fifer himself C Gilmour.



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