Take a Look up the Railtrack: From Amsterdam to Barcelona

It’s been a while since my last post as unfortunately I’ve been doing more working than tourist-ing these days. So I thought I would reminisce about last summer when I went inter-railing with some pals.

There are probably two ways to inter-rail. You can plan your route and book your accommodation accordingly or you can just go and see where you end up. Although the latter sounds more adventurous, we opted to plan our route and book our hostels before leaving the UK. It is reassuring to know that you’ll at least have somewhere to sleep when you turn up in a strange city and don’t know what’s going on. Between us we decided a few places we definitely wanted to go to – Amsterdam, Barcelona and Budapest were top of the list! We booked a flight to Amsterdam and a return flight from Barcelona for three weeks later and then planned our route from there.

Inter-rail Map

This is the route we ended up taking – a nice wee tour of some of Europe! And I cant wait to explore the rest, either city break-ing, inter-railing or all inclusive holiday-ing.Β I really enjoyed this trip, it was a great way to get a taste for a place, and we got the taste for ten different cities. Nine of which I would love to visit again.

I am by no means a travel expert but here are a few things to consider.

  • Bring plenty entertainment for trains!
  • Budget for train reservations and getting to your hostel by bus/metro/tram. Reservations vary quite a lot in price – from between 3 euro and 10 euro and even being as much as 20 Swiss Francs! I think you onlyΒ haveΒ to reserve trains that are going through France but its always nice to have a seat reserved. Most of the trains we were on were really busy so it was definitely worth the money to reserve.
  • Try and make the most of free walking tours.
  • Go on bar crawls! We only went on three but they were all fantastic fun and a great way to meet other travellers.
  • Get Google Maps on your phone and download the route to your accom. from the train station!
  • Download the rail planner app – its got all the departure and journey times and can be used offline. It also has a “progress bar” telling you how close a train is to its destination which I enjoyed a lot, probably due to my lack of entertainment.

If you’re thinking about inter-railing my advice is DO IT. It is a lot of fun, tiring at times but the buzz you get when you get off a train and get to discover a new city is awesome!

And, no reminiscing would be complete without some snaps. For this purpose I have created a collage but was only able to get four photos on it – something to do with me being a cheapskate and not wanting to pay for additional features i.e. more than four pics in a collage.

Inter-rail collage

My collage features: The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Lake Geneva in… Geneva (but mainly me on a bike) and Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.







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