A Moment of Clarity

Last summer I went on a three week adventure around Europe with some of my pals. We meticulously planned our journey but half way through decided to take a detour through Slovenia and Austria, mainly because after spending a week and a half on trains we couldn’t bear the thought of getting a night train to Zurich. Getting to visit two extra cities was a big bonus!

We visited Ljubljana in Slovenia – we were only there for a night and I think I was pronouncing it right by the time we left but still can’t spell it. Ljubljana was a lovely wee place, it was busy and very peaceful at the same time. It didn’t feel urban. The greenery that surrounded Ljubljana made you feel like you weren’t in a city and that’s a quality I enjoy in a city. Another big positive from Ljubljana was the people – we went on a walking tour with Janez from The Ljubljana Free Tour (but you 100% wont grudge a donation especially if your tour guide is Janez (other tour guides available). Janez had a story to tell about everything that he showed us. It was obvious that he loved Ljubljana and he really brought the history and culture to life. 10/10 bloke. Walking tours are a great way to see and learn about a place and I am vexed we didn’t take more advantage of this during our trip. At least I will know for next time.


Assorted Snaps Ljubljana 12/08/15

The next day we headed off to Innsbruck in very good spirits after a comfortable sleep at Tresor Hostel – hurrah for air conditioning! I was fair taken with Innsbruck from the moment we set foot off the train. The backdrop of mountains was breathtaking. It was in Innsbruck when I had my “moment of clarity” (as Peyton Sawyer would say). Just standing admiring the panoramic views from part way up a mountain I was reminded that there is so much wonder in the world. And I am going to experience as much of it as possible.

Innsbruck 13/08/15

Innsbruck made quite an impression on me and isn’t that what seeing the world is all about? I even got an “I Love Innsbruck” magnet, again fairly accurate.


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